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Bucked Up PUMP-ocalypse: Grape Gainz

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Ever feel like you could be getting more out of your workouts? Have you hit a plateau and wondered if you lost your edge? Do you want to experience your body’s true potential? If you said yes to any of those questions, PUMP-OCALYPSE is for you. 
PUMP-OCALYPSE not only improves your body’s power output, but also improves circulation to your blood vessels so your other supplements (like pre-workout and BCAAs) absorb better and do what they were meant to do.* In other words, PUMP-OCALYPSE unlocks your body AND your stack’s potential to apocalyptic proportions. 
DISCLAIMER: After the consumption of PUMP-OCALYPSE, Bucked Up is not responsible if you strap yourself to a monster truck, spray paint your teeth with chrome, shout “WITNESS MEEEE”, and charge into battle for the glory of Valhalla.
Zero Sugar - Keto / Paleo Friendly - Zero Calorie - GMP Certified - Creatine Free
One serving 20-30 minutes before your workout.
May also be taken upon waking for a quick way to hydrate (dehydration is not ideal for daily function, and PUMP-OCALYPSE’s hyper hydration properties can be seriously awesome)*
Weight: 390g
GlycerPump is a patented supplement that causes Hyper-hydration in the blood and tissues, leading to epic pumps.*
For maximal blood flow and PUMP.*
Scientifically developed blend of mushroom strains shown to improve performance and power output.* These mushrooms are powerful adaptogens -- natural substance that help athletes adapt to physical and mental stress.*  Contains high levels of what’s called a “master” antioxidant. In the fight against oxidative damage, consider Peak O2 Gandalf in Return of the King (aka cheat codes).* A decrease in oxidative damage = faster recovery, ability to train longer.*  Peak O2 can also improve oxygen uptake and oxygen utilization.* Turns out breathing is important for gaining muscle and peak performance.*
For compounded PUMP results.*
A supplement with extensive scientific studies backing it, Agmatine is a naturally occurring derivative of the amino acid Arginine. It promotes healthy blood circulation and delivers potent pumps.* Helps regulate enzymes responsible for nitric oxide production.* Healthy nitric oxide levels put your nutrients on a fast track to get where they need to go -- your muscles -- in order to be utilized for optimum gains -- aka muscle growth and recovery.*
Considered a powerful pre-workout augmenter and performance increasing supplement, Betaine Anhydrous can boost power output, optimize cellular hydration, and increase SAMe (S-adenosylmethionine), which has been shown to decrease symptoms of depression and anxiety. *
Link to PUMP-OCALYPSE The Pump is the Cure (see below for additional information)
How To Stack


For muscle recovery, endurance, and added hydration.*


For, well, everything -- recovery, nutrient utilization, protein synthesis, hormone health, lean muscle mass gains, strength.* (post-workout)


For increased strength, power, endurance, and oh so much more.* (post-workout or pre-workout)


Our highest stimulant pre-workout, plus the mineral blend humic/fulvic acid, which can improve nutrient absorption -- making the pump that much “swoller.”* (one serving 15-20 minutes pre-workout)


We’re giving you a “cheat code” right here. Exogenous Ketones aren’t just for those in ketosis or fat burning. Pseudo-Studies performed by the inner sanctum (Bucked Up staff/athletes) have shown that Exogenous Ketones taken pre-workout amplifies the PUMP.*

    Bucked Up PUMP-ocalypse: Grape Gainz
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