5 Things You Must Know Before Hitting The Weights

5 Things You Must Know Before Hitting The Weights

New to the gym? Afraid that you might piss some regulars off because you are so unfamiliar with the environment? Check out these 5 tips to avoid making rookie mistakes!

1. That Is No Ordinary Bench

Maybe you know about park benches or stools. Those you carry around as you want to move from place to place. This is not that bench. This is incredibly heavy! Gym benches can weigh between 30 to 50kg and are notoriously hard to grab onto, so do not expect to pick them up very easily.

The Fix: Either lift one side of the bench with the handle(as pictured in the bottom left of this image) or make sure you use both your legs to squat and lift the bench.

2. That Machine Is Adjustable

The dumbells and barbell look too complicated for your chest day and you decided to use the machines because they are simpler. They are not that simple as these machines have different adjustments too! As a general principle, every machine has an adjustment on the seat, as well as the movement piece(the part which you will move as part of your exercise). This also applies to your standard bench with ad adjustable seat angle and back angle.

The Fix: Do not panic when you first see these and take your time to find the best angle to perform your exercise!

3. This Might Be The Most Complicated Thing...

I know that the bench press might look so amazing, and sexy as an exercise. When you start going to the gym, you might want to try it. Yet, it is the most complex thing. For most gyms, the bench press is a power rack, and it requires a setup to find the ideal bench height for your arms and bench position! 

The Fix: Take your time, especially if it is your first time, to figure out how to adjust this. When in doubt, do ask your friendly gym buddy on how to set it up!


4. It's Occupied

While it might look like no one is using the weights, the machine or station is not necessarily free! Someone might be using multiple machines at the same time, or might have gone to the washroom.

The Fix: Do observe for a while to ensure no one is using the station you want to use, and to be sure, ask someone nearby if anyone is using this machine. 

5. Be Clean

Finished with your workout? Just smashed your first workout, really satisfied with yourself and ready to walk out? Do not leave anything behind, this includes your sweat!

The Fix: Bring a towel and wipe your sweat from all the machines you have used, and place that towel in between yourself and the bench.


In Summary:

Keep an open mind when starting out with the gym, ask questions along the way, and stay safe!

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