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A wide assortment of lifting accessories to aid your lifting journey.

Here is a lifting accessory guide:
Lifting Belts:

Weightlifting belts help improve performance and may reduce the risk of injury by stabilizing your trunk and supporting your spine. A well-designed weightlifting belt cuts down on spinal load and aids proper alignment, enabling you to lift more weight.If your work requires heavy lifting, a weightlifting belt can also help protect you against injury on the job.

Lifting Straps:

Lifting straps take out grip strength from the equation. From straps wrapping around the weight to hooks, they allow the wrist to be attached to the weights, decreasing the forearm strength required to lift and hold on to weights. Most commonly used for deadlifts, pull-ups, barbell and dumbell rows.

Lifting Grips:

Lifting grips provide a surface to protect your palms from calluses. They line your palm and provide a frictional surface for you to grip onto weights without callusing your hands. They are also commonly used by gymnasts and cross-fitters to prevent callus rupture from bar work.


Wraps/Straps are usually used at the wrist, ankle and knee joints.

Their main advantages are:

1) Help to increase joint stability and help to improve the ease of the lift.

2) Store kinetic energy when the joint is bent, resulting in better PRs.

Choosing between sleeves and wraps:

Wraps provide the most tightness and are the most suitable for hitting PRs but get incredibly uncomfortable when worn for a prolonged period. Sleeves on the other hand are less tight and hence provide the needed stability without the discomfort- which are comfortable enough to last the entire workout.

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